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Hiss Missy

Geoffrey Lillemon / Visionaire / Cadillac

'Hiss Missy', is artist Geoffrey Lillemon’s first solo show in the United States and the inaugural exhibition at the gallery at Cadillac House, on display from June 2 - 28. Drawing on a multitude of psychedelic patterns, effects, and an array of magical figures, HISS MISSY invites the audience inside the artist’s mind; a world in constant flux of morphing color and melting images, glowing, pulsating like a living being.

The space was designed in the fashion of a 19th century vernissage, laying out seven portraits of the female figure. These portraits were then treated with a melting effect, which made them look as if they were dripping down the walls into the floor. 

Together with Geoffrey we designed and built a 'gallery space decorator' application that would enable us to use multiple projectors at the same time in order to project videos combined with shader backgrounds and overlays in order to create drippy psychedelic effects, highly optimized and in real time. This allowed us to set up the installation in the gallery space a couple of days before the opening, allowing for a great amount of freedom and creativity. To create an even more immersive athmosphere, we used FFT analysis on Dylan Galletly's sound design to synchronise sound and image, and hid an LED floor beneath a layer of smoke that would shift its colour in relation to the projections on the walls.